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There is no doubt that recent tragedies have forever shaped the way most Americans view live events. Each tragedy has revealed weaknesses in the planning, logistical, and security methods used by event organizers and those weaknesses most certainly should be addressed. Physical and visible presence is widely considered to be the most effective means of deterring would-be criminals and terrorists. The more of an opposition force the enemy sees, the more likely they are to abandon their mission. Not only do canine animals provide an incredible force presence, they are also a force multiplier. Instead of having security personnel do manual searches of bags at an entry point, imagine how much time could be saved by using a canine to sniff multiple bags in a matter of seconds. Additionally, a sniff of the bags would reveal contents hidden to the naked eye. No matter what your event, the use of a canine team would no doubt bolster your security presence and effectiveness. Our dogs are social and environmentally sound and our handlers are intense professionals. Let us join your team and help take your event to the next level!

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