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Our Philosophy

At BCK9, our goal is to bring the effectiveness of police and military working dog programs to the private sector and provide our clients with an extraordinary level of proficiency and skill through using canines to detect narcotics, weapons, and explosives.

As most people know, the majority of advances in medical techniques come from the battlefield. No classroom or schoolbook can comprehend the complexity of the injuries that battle can produce. With little standardized techniques to go by in the field, medical professionals are forced to develop their own. Some work and some do not. The ones that do make it back and find their way into hospitals and ambulances across the country. You could say that their techniques were “battle tested.”

In the same way, the use, deployment, and integration of military working dogs (MWD’s) into combat elements have dramatically changed since operations OIF and OEF.  They have become an offensive tool responsible for clearing the battlefield and actively engaging in battle. Just like the medical profession, many developments in tactics and techniques have been made as these K-9 teams have been battle tested. The techniques that work are embraced and the ones that do not – discarded.

Police too engage in battle, though dramatically different. While bullets still fly, police are also faced with Supreme Court decisions, lawsuits, and policies that dictate how and when things can be done. This is especially true with K-9 programs. As a result, several national organizations (independent of the government) were formed and have developed standards that dogs and handlers must meet to become certified. These standards improved the dog’s court worthiness by showing that it has been evaluated in a controlled environment and found reliable by an independent group of judges (Florida v Harris). Then, their skills are put to the test on the streets of cities and counties across the country becoming – street proven.

So, here at Black Creek K-9, we embrace both sides. We guarantee that our services, our dogs, and our handlers are both battle tested and street proven. No rookies here. Additionally, all of our dogs are certified by an independent national organization to detect what we say they can detect. No exceptions. By combining all of the elements mentioned here, we are confident that we bring unparalleled proficiency and skill to the table.

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Industrial, Commercial, Educational, Residential, Law Enforcement & Live Events

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Veteran owned and operated. 15+ years of real-world experience both in battle and on the streets.

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