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Are your dogs certified?

Yes. We certify our dogs through national, independent organizations such as the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA), National Police Canine Association (NPCA), and the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA).

How many odors can a single dog detect?

Cross training dogs to detect a plethora of odors is an extremely poor practice that effects the reliability of the dog, the court worthiness of the dog, and potentially the safety of those the dog is trying to protect. Our dogs are trained, deployed, and certified based on standard doctrine developed and employed by the military and police. Each dog has their own specialty and will be used only in the capacity in which they are trained.

What odors do you train your dogs to find?

Our narcotic detector dogs are certified to detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and ecstasy.

Our gun dogs are certified to detect smokeless powder, black powder, black powder substitutes, fired guns, spent shell casings, and gun oil.

Do you use real or synthetic odors in training?

Both. While using real odor is extremely important, we believe that there are advantages of both real and synthetic training odors. We train on both equally to ensure that our dogs are adequately prepared. The synthetic product we use is called ScentLogixTM.

Where do your dogs come from?

We currently have dogs that have been imported from overseas as well as dogs that have been breed in the United States.

Are you available for emergency call-outs?

Absolutely! Emergencies happen and we’re here to help. Contact Us

How long can a dog reliably sniff during an average day?

It depends – primarily on environmental conditions. Our handlers continuously monitor each dog’s behavior and reactions for signs of fatigue and stress. Based on their training and experiences, our handlers will determine when a particular dog has reached his or its working limit for the day. In our pre-deployment consultation, we’ll assess your needs and deploy the appropriate number of dogs based on the environmental conditions to fulfill your need.

Can masking agents hide or skew the odor the dog is looking for?

No. As long as there is air movement around the source, the odor is detectable. For example: Lets say that you bake a frozen rising crust pizza at your home. Once its cooked, you pull it out of the oven and take a deep breath to take in the sweet aroma as your admire your exquisite culinary skills. As humans, when we smell pizza – it smells like pizza. However, when a dog smells pizza, they smell oregano, basil, yeast, tomatoes, and sometimes the cookies that were on the pan before the pizza was cooked. A dog’s sense of smell is roughly 7 million times better than that of a human being.

Are you available to do residential or private sniffs?

Absolutely! We proudly serve a variety of clients and residential customers are no exception.

What kind of dogs do you use?

We currently use German (Czech) Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, all of which have passive responses and are very social. As a matter of fact, they actually live with their handlers and their families.

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Veteran owned and operated. 15+ years of real-world experience both in battle and on the streets.

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