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Private K-9 Services for Industrial Companies

For years, law enforcement professionals and the military have employed canine teams to do the toughest jobs in the most challenging environments. Black Creek K-9 Services provides an efficient, facility-wide narcotics, weapons, and/or explosives search, that is cost effective and reinforces work safety as well as your company’s employee drug policies. Most companies do pre-hire drug testing, but what is being done after that point to ensure a safe and drug free work environment?

Industrial environments require the best and most innovative safety protocols in the world. We understand this and are able to help accomplish that goal by providing K-9 teams for searching Man Camps, Rig Checks, Safety Meetings, Offices, Construction projects, vehicles, and more. Our expertise is in utilizing Narcotic Detection K-9s, Weapon Detection K-9s, and/or Explosive Detection K-9s to meet your safety needs. The use of our services gives meaning and action to the safety policies you have in place.

What industries does Black Creek K-9 Services serve?

We provide canine detection services to a wide variety of companies, including oil & gas, manufacturing plants, production facilities and many others.

What areas are inspected by the dogs?

We inspect all common areas, lockers, living areas, parking lots, warehouses, offices, and any other requested areas. If an illegal substance is discovered, the location is highlighted to the appropriate individual for further inspection. Our service creates a program of intervention that can help reduce claims expense and improve workforce productivity.

The narcotics detection service provided by Black Creek K9 features certified handlers and K9’s who are dedicated to providing a unique and thorough (Private) Narcotic site search service. Our K-9’s are carefully selected and trained to be able to perform in workplace and industrial settings. They also have an intangible impact by being visible to all that work there.

When a Black Creek K9 dog detects an odor, it is trained to locate the source and then the canine will give a passive response (meaning it sits or lies down). This way there is no damage to anyone’s property or belongings. The dogs utilized are trained to detect the odor of illegal drugs, weapons, and/or explosives.

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